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Brave Express Team is one of the most badass fighting in the Omniverse. They're bastard son of Primus born when he accidentally rape a woman while on a lucid dream. Thus making them a Brave just like all of his other son.

Modus Operandi[]

Brave Express Team operate on Pussydou, a set of belief that love and sex is the greatest force in the Omniverse. And it is a man destiny to die for pussy. After the death of Senpuji Maito, the gang motto become "Real man die for pussy"


Senpuji Maito (Lord Omniverse)

Gaine (Lord Omniverse)

Black Gaine (Lord Omniverse)

Battle Bomber (Lord Omniverse)

Guard Diver (Lord Omniverse)

Might Gunner (Lord Omniverse)

Hiryu (Lord Omniverse)

Goryu (Lord Omniverse)