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Cyborg Li Syaoran is the transformed state of Li Syaoran after being experimented on by Shining Convoy. His model name is BP-000: Nova Prime. Li Syaoran is the first prototype of Brave Police project and his data is what giving birth to Deckerd.


Cyborg Li Syaoran is devoid of all emotion other than the will to follow his daddy shine and do evil thing. He is also a manchild that will do anything for Shining, only expected his daddy shine to let him play with his toy and game.

In his first day after the awakening, Li cheerfully kill his former family and eat them alive. Afterward he become a demon, seeking only the destruction of his whole bloodline in order to destroy his shameful past. His devotion toward destroying reach the point where he force himself to believe that he is not Li Syaoran but Nova Prime. A member of Zen Seibertron Teikoku that has the honor of being adopted by "Daddy Shine".

What he hates the most is Sakura Kinomoto. The girl he once loved and cherished. Now hated to the core because she remind him of his shameful past more than anything else. And for some reason, he cannot bring himself to killing her. A weakness that Li want to eliminate in order to become a proper son to "Daddy Shine"

Power And Abilities[]

Enhanced Strenght and Speed

Can combine with a Transtector to become Nova Prime.