MechaFanon Wiki

J-Buster is a weapon developed by Doctor Fujimura, it was alternatetively called Alphabet Gun due to having all 26 mode from A-Z.


Acceleration-Mode: A railgun

Buster-Mode: A beam gun

Cluster-Mode: A cluster shell blaster

Drill-Mode: A drill bullet

Electron-Mode: A paralyze bullet.

Flame-Mode; A flamethrower

Genocide-Mode: A bio gas.

Hope-Mode: Hope Field, a weapon which imitate the Precure power of hope

Invade-Mode: A parasite that invade the enemy and rip them out from inside.

Kinetic-Mode: A bullet contain very high kinetic energy

Jacket-Mode: A very heavy fortified ammo that was very slow, but can eject it outer shell to increase it own velocity to ludicrous ammount

Lancer-Mode: A lance

Maximum-Mode: A high energy version of B-Mode

Net-Mode: A very durable net

Omni-Mode: Bullet than can strike every direction

Pre-emptive-Mode: A stealthy bullet that strike enemy before they relied they're being attack.

Sattelite-Mode: A laser beam that cause another beam to strike enemy from above.

Tactical-Mode: A highly-explosive bullet that can affect wide area

Ultra-Mode: A very big bullet

Vortex-Mode: A vortex of energy that suck many enemy into it

Warp-Mode: A warp bullet

X-Mode: A bullet that strike the enemy at four place at once.

Y-Mode: A bullet that strike enemy from the past

Zetsubou-Mode: An imitate version of Zettai Zetsubou Field.