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These are the official rules on the MechaFanon Wiki.

Before you can contribute to the community, the rules must be followed and read all of them carefully before doing to do so. If they're followed and read all of them carefully, you can contribute but appropriately; if you fail to follow and read all of them and just contribute to the community inappropriately, there will be serious consequences of failing to follow and read the whole rules. If you haven't, then do it now.

Every rule and policy is a credit to the Heroes, Ideas, and Villains Wiki.

General Rules[]

  1. Age-restriction: As of the FANDOM Guidelines, you have to be at least 13 years or older. If you're in the correct age, you can view the wiki as a guest; but if you are underage of 13 years, your account may be disabled by the FANDOM Staff.
  2. File:Plagiarism signature.jpg

    The person who has committed plagiarism by claiming work as their own.[1]

    Plagiarism: Plagiarism is illegal because it's not okay to submit online sources from websites as your own. Doing that process on articles or categories will be marked as plagiarism with the current template and they will be deleted as of a matter of principle. Remember that plagiarism is not a criminal or civil offense. To avoid plagiarism, the articles or categories you are currently typewriting must be in your own words or give credit with the {{Credit to}} template.
  3. Language & Offensive Content: Contributors should be aware that this wiki is PG-13 at best, we don't ever tolerate excessive profanity or offensive language. It is very unacceptable to use extremely offensive language, however, and users who do so will face several serious consequences. As a general rule, the same applies to articles, do not litter articles with offensive language - even articles listed as mature.


  1. Trolls: We have a zero-tolerance when it comes to trolls, whether it be for humor or harassment - there are plenty of troll sites for that sort of behavior - this is a wiki about fanfiction and fanon mechas, not a chan site.
  2. Ban Evasion: Got yourself banned? Chances are you deserved it so either wait for your ban to expire or, if you truly believe your ban was undeserved or too severe, contact an admin. Creating sockpuppet accounts to evade your ban will only result in all of your accounts to be permanently blocked.
  3. Template Abuse: Maintenance templates are meant to be used by admins to identify problematic pages and can only be removed by the admins themselves. Slapping them on pages where they do not belong will result in a warning and subsequent ban in case of reincidence.


  1. No One-Line Articles: Excuse for laziness is 0%. Articles with little to no content (only a single paragraph or just an image without text) will be deleted if not expanded by the deadline. If a user creates articles like this, he/she will be warned. An article must have at the very least introduction and a complete paragraph resuming the mecha to be considered a stub. Simply adding a Stub or Construction template will not prevent it from being marked as a One-Line Article. Also, do not remove the One-Line Article warning without actually expanding the page.
  2. Italic Title: Italicizing titles is important for works each mecha appeared in with the {{DISPLAYTITLE:Mecha (''Work'')}}. Only use DISPLAYTITLE for italicizing work titles.
  3. No Non-Fanon Mechas Allowed: Non-fanon mechas are no longer allowed on this wiki since the website is already fanon, not canon. Any user who added a non-fanon mecha will be immediately deleted on sight. Fanfiction mechas are also acceptable.

Links, Pictures and Miscellaneous Items[]

  1. Gallery size, position & color: It is 0% necessary to leave the colors of the subs as gray since the background is already black and it is difficult to read what the subtitles/caption. Also, it is better to leave the gallery's position in the middle instead of right and left because it can interrupt the editing of other users. The letters of the page might get inside of the gallery code and corrupt its codex, breaking the template. But if the gallery is kept in the middle, it will never happen as the letters and the template are separate in a proper space. Same thing with the videos and their position too. It is better to leave them in the middle like the gallery for the same reason. If there is a section saying: Videos and you put the video to the left said, this page will get a bad design (it is not like this is important). And last, if the images within a gallery are too small, it is better to leave on the max size (such as 300px).
  2. Do not add too many pictures: Not only this is not a photo-sharing site, but most users who visit here also do not have super fast connections. 20 pictures are more than enough for an article, there is no need to put hundreds of pictures. Also, keep in mind that pictures are meant to illustrate the article and provide an image of what is described. Voiding the page of pictures and putting an overly long gallery will only make your article hard to read.
  3. Do not add too many videos: Much like above. Five (5) videos are a good enough limit.
  4. "Type Of": Always use a short and concise description on the Infobox template's "Type Of" section. Using a category name or a trope name is possible, but clogging it with categories is not only redundant but flooding. The category list belongs to the category list.
  5. Synopsis subpages: Synopsis subpages are meant to be for huge pages. So only create a new synopsis subpage if it has a minimum of 15,000 bytes, and the page itself is also decently sized for the Synopsis subpage to be necessary. New synopsis pages that do not fit these criteria will be marked for deletion.


  1. Categories Need for Articles: When an article was created without categories, it means that it was not categorized. So be mindful that you always categorize articles. If any templates that automatically added an article to the category, this should have the article to be categorized with the template. Non-categorized articles found on this wiki will be marked for deletion (the removal or obliteration of written or printed matter.[2]) or be immediately added to categories by us.

Other information[]


We do not except everyone to be good here, but we admins have the big guns here. Users who violate one or more policies are subject to a ban.

  • First offense: Reminder or Warning (for more serious offenses)
  • Second offense: Warning or Potential Ban
  • Third offense: Ban of varying lengths (see the list below)
Misbehavior Ranges
Editing other users' pages without permission 24 hours to permanent
Partaking in edit wars
Recreating deleted pages without permission 3 days to permanent
Use of profanity
Attempting to harass/bully another user
Violating the Terms of Service 2 weeks to permanent plus reported to FANDOM staff
Sockpuppeting while banned Ban expanded on currently banned account (ranges from 3 days to permanent) plus permanent ban on sockpuppet
Faking a users' death/retirement 3 months to permanent
COPPA/GDPR violation (being underage) 1 year to permanent, depending on user age
Repeatedly breaking the Rules Permanent
Impersonate a staff member Permanent until you change your username/avatar
Unacceptable username
Unacceptable avatar



  1., the image caption on the introduction line.
  2. The definition for deletion is a credit to Google Dictionary.