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Senpuji Maito is the former life of Bombshell and leader of the Brave Express. After his death at the hand of T.S.A.B, he still live on as a memories inside his brother heart.


Senpuji view himself as justice, and thus everything done for him and by him is justify by the sheer virtue of he doing it. He could going around and brutally slaughter children and calling himself a hero, because those children die for justice (for him). However, despite all those minor flaw, Senpuji is a good man at heart ... to a certain people.

He despise family member killing each other or treating each other like scrap and will not hesitate to risk his life and blood for a friend or sibling. In all fairness, Senpuji is still the most morally decent person in the Primus family. And for the reason of being the least insane person, he is the guy other Brave consult when they need a psychiatrist.