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Xenomon are an attempt made by Great Republic Of Otakudom to bring Pokemon into life. They're kidnapped from various alien race and experimented on by scientist in order to created Pokemon. All Xenomon are labeled as SCP or Special Containment Progeny.

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SCP#1 Bulbasaur Line[]

Name: Subject #9001

Subject Genetic Template: Vulcan

Subject Age: 10

Experiment Duration: 10 day

Experiment Log:

  1. Immediately after entering the facility, subject limb are amputated with 1000'c Knife. Due to his limb being unnecessary to the transformation process. Among 9001 subject, there was 4501 who survive the amputation process.
  2. After the subject has lost his consciousness, a modify DNA sample mixed from multiple angiosperm plant has been injected into his body along with FEV Virus. All former subject has die before any mutation occur
  3. On day 4, subject mutated into a pudgy, quadrupedal monster, roughly 16 inches long. His body is wide and flattened, with both amphibian and reptilian features - possess rough, warty skin, as well as small fangs, and have three claws on each foot.
  4. On day 5, A 12-inch plant bulb structure is implanted to the subject back, and develops quickly after 2 day of implementing thank to the FEV Virus.
  5. From day 7-10, the subject has to undergoes lobotomize process. He now believe that he is a Pokemon.
  6. On day 11, Subject #9001 is deemed a successful experiment and mus undergoing cloning process.

SCP#2: Charmander Line[]

Name: Subject #10000 - 2

Subject Genetic Template: Xenomorph

Subject Age: 2

Experiment Duration: 11 day

Experiment Log:

  1. On the 1st day, subject must undergoing fire-proofing test. Among all the subject that undergoing this treatment. He is only one surive
  2. On day 2, subject arm are amputated. And his heart is ripping out to better simulated the game lore
  3. Due to the above reason, i has to personally modify his body. Possibly defied some law of physics in order to allow him to live from energy providing from the fire on his tail. Just like Charmander in the game.
  4. On day 3, a custom genetic serum along with FEV are injected into subject
  5. On day 9, subject mutated into a large, bipedal reptiles about 2 feet tall, with a head about the width of his body. with eyes are relatively large in proportion. He possess three claws on each limb, though the claws on his hands protrude only barely perceptibly. His hides are generally of an orange coloring, with a cream belly.
  6. Day 10 is reserve for ability testing and lobotomize process. Just like the Bulbasaur, subject will think he is a Pokemon.
  7. On Day 11, the cloning process will be initiated.

SCP#3: Squirtle Line []